Following the successful tradition of previous venues, NetSci 2019 will host several Satellite Symposia as precursors of the main conference.

These satellite events are one-day or half-day meetings with a focus on a specific topic of Network Science and its Applications.

All fields and subjects are welcome.

Important dates

Deadline for submission of abstracts: December 11, 2018.

Notification of acceptance: January 8, 2019.


NetSci is the flagship conference on Complex Networks promoted by the Network Science Society. It brings under one umbrella a wide variety of leading researchers, practitioners and stakeholders with a direct interest in Network Science, from Physics to Computer Science, Biology, Social Sciences, Economics, and Technological and Communication Networks, among others.

We are looking forward to seeing all of your awesome new insights and research in network science at the International School and Conference on Network Science 2019, in Burlington, Vermont. The conference focuses on interdisciplinary research on all aspects of network science and modeling, ranging from foundational works to applications in various disciplines.

We welcome submissions from all fields and backgrounds.

Important dates

Deadline for abstract submission: January 10, 2019 (11:59PM EST).

Notification to authors: February 10, 2019.


We invite you to submit a piece of artwork inspired by network science or a beautiful networks data visualization. We will print and display selected artwork to be judged by an expert panel of judges at the NetSci 2019 Conference. Winners will receive a very exciting prize which will be announced shortly.

Submit proposals:

Single JPEG file of original digital artwork, one abstract describing the piece no longer than one page, longer proposals will not be accepted. Sculptural and three-dimensional submissions should be submitted as a photograph.

Important dates

Deadline for submission of artworks: February 20, 2019.
Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2019.


Fellows of the NetSci Society

The Fellowship Program of the Network Science Society recognizes researchers who have made outstanding and significant contributions to network science research and to the community of network scientists. Elected nominees are named Fellows of the Network Science Society.


Erdős-Rényi Prize

The Erdős–Rényi Prize is awarded to a selected young scientist (under 40 years old on the day of the nomination deadline) for their achievements in research activities in the area of network science, broadly construed. While the achievements can be both theoretical and experimental, the prize is aimed at emphasizing outstanding contributions relevant to the interdisciplinary progress of network science.

The winners will be selected by the Scientific Commission appointed by the Network Science Society board and made by a minimum of 4 prominent scientists active in the area of network science. Their name will be made public only after the official communication of the prize recipient. The winner of the prize is selected among the candidacies received within the deadline indicated below. Each candidacy must be submitted by one guarantor, who will have to provide a short letter of motivation, signed by one or more sponsors of the candidate. Guarantors or sponsors of the candidature can be:- Directors and research leaders of national and international research centers;- University professors;- Partners and members of Scientific Academies.

The call for the 2019 Erdős–Rényi Prize will be published in early 2019.