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Programs and Events

Our Ethos:
The Vermont Complex Systems Center is a highly collaborative, open, and playful space that embraces intellectual curiosity, kindness, and rigor. We are a post-disciplinary team of researchers working at the University of Vermont on real-world, data-rich, and meaningful complex systems problems of all kinds. Our educational programs are meant to be an idea collider. They bring together faculty and participants from many fields and spark new collaboration. They facilitate unbounded creativity. Our aim is not just to transfer complexity tools but to provide a life experience for our students and create a community of complexity researchers and practitioners who are open, collaborative, and hungry for rigorous solutions to complex problems. 

Complexity Symposia
These intensive three-day executive professional short courses explore complexity science as it relates to pressing real-world problems. The complexity symposia will introduce the newest methods and theory being used at the forefront of complex systems science. Participants will be challenged to think about global issues from a new perspective, to expand their network beyond their normal field, and seek solutions to real-world data rich problems. VCSC's professional education programs bring together a network of business professionals, academics, innovators, investors, government and health practitioners, regulators, and educators. No background in science or mathematics is required.

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Workshops and Schools
VCSC's workshops and schools offer a unique opportunity for participants to engage in rigorous transdisciplinary complexity science research. Our workshops and schools are designed for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals. Attendees of these programs will collaborate in research and attend lectures presented by leaders in complex systems science.

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Community Events
Join the VCSC for community events in Burlington Vermont.

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Seminars and Meet Ups
VCSC hosted seminars and academic meetups aim to strengthen the UVM community and bring students and faculty from many departments together to engage in scholarship.