Core team:

Robert Whelan

Trinity College

Global Brain Health Institute & School of Psychology, Associate Professor

Most recent papers:

The Initiation of Cannabis Use in Adolescence is Predicted by Sex‐Specific Psychosocial and Neurobiological Features.

Philip Spechler, Nicholas Allgaier, Bader Chaarani, Robert Whelan, Richard Watts, Catherine Orr, Matthew Albaugh, Hugh Garavan, et al.. European journal of neuroscience, , , 2018.
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Structural and functional correlates of reaction time variability in a large sample of healthy adolescents and adolescents with ADHD symptoms.

Laura O'Halloran, Zhipeng Cao, Clare Kelly, Hugh Garavan, Robert Whelan. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, , 4, 2017.
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The potential of neuroimaging for identifying predictors of adolescent alcohol use initiation and misuse.

Laura O'Halloran, Charlotte Nymberg, Lee Jollans, Hugh Garavan, Robert Whelan. Addiction, 719-726, 112, 2017.
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Functional neuroimaging predictors of self-reported psychotic symptoms in adolescents.

Josiane Bourque, Philip Spechler, Stéphane Potvin, Robert Whelan, Tobias Banaschewski, Arun Bokde, Hugh Garavan, et al.. American Journal of Psychiatry, 566-575, 174, 2017.
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