Core team:

Paula Mouser

University of New Hampshire

Most recent papers:

Subsurface characterization of groundwater contaminated by landfill leachate using microbial community profile data and a nonparametric decision-making process.

A. R. Pearce, Donna Rizzo, Paula Mouser. Preprint, 2011.
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Enhanced detection of groundwater contamination from a leaking waste disposal site by microbial community profiles.

Paula Mouser, Donna Rizzo, Gregory Druschel, Lori Stevens, et al.. Water Resources Research, , 46, 2010.
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Using modified self-organizing maps to explore hydrochemical and biological datasets.

A. R. Pearce, Paula Mouser, Lori Stevens, Mary Watzin, Gregory Druschel, Nancy Hayden, Donna Rizzo. Preprint, 2010.
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The comparison of four dynamic systems-based software packages: Translation and sensitivity analysis.

Donna Rizzo, Paula Mouser, David Whitney, et al.. Environmental Modeling and Software, 1491-1502, 21, 2006.
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