Core team:

Narine Manukyan

Champlain College

Assistant Professor

Most recent papers:

Tunably rugged landscapes with known maximum and minimum.

Narine Manukyan, Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein, Jeffrey S. Buzas. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 263-274, 20, 2016.
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Using National Survey Respondents as Consumers in an Agent-Based Model of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Adoption.

Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein, Donna Rizzo, Brian H.Y. Lee, Joseph S. Krupa, Narine Manukyan. IEEE Access, 458-468, 3, 2015.
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NM landscapes: beyond NK.

Narine Manukyan, Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein, Jeffrey S. Buzas. Proceedings of the Companion Publication of the 2014 Annual Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, 203-204, , 2014.
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Automated Discovery of Multivariate Associations in Large Time-Varying data sets: a Healthcare Network Application.

Narine Manukyan, Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein, Jeffrey D. Horbar, Kathleen A. Leahy, Michael J. Kenny, Shreya Mukherjee, Donna Rizzo. ANALYSIS AND MODELING OF QUALITY IMPROVEMENT ON CLINICAL FITNESS LANDSCAPES, , , 2014.

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