Core team:

Nicholas Allgaier

University of Vermont

Department of Psychiatry, Postdoctoral Associate

Most recent papers:

The Initiation of Cannabis Use in Adolescence is Predicted by Sex‐Specific Psychosocial and Neurobiological Features.

Philip Spechler, Nicholas Allgaier, Bader Chaarani, Robert Whelan, Richard Watts, Catherine Orr, Matthew Albaugh, Hugh Garavan, et al.. European journal of neuroscience, , , 2018.
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F67. Increased Amygdalar Activation to Angry Faces is Linked to Reduced Prefrontal Cortical Thickness and Hyperactive/Inattentive Symptomatology in Adolescents.

Matthew Albaugh, Catherine Orr, Philip Spechler, Bader Chaarani, Nicholas Allgaier, Hugh Garavan, et al.. Biological Psychiatry, , 83, 2018.
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Individual differences in stop‐related activity are inflated by the adaptive algorithm in the stop signal task.

Bader Chaarani, Catherine Orr, Philip Spechler, Matthew Albaugh, Nicholas Allgaier, Hugh Garavan, et al.. Human brain mapping, , , 2018.
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Ventromedial prefrontal volume in adolescence predicts hyperactive/inattentive symptoms in adulthood.

Matthew Albaugh, Masha Ivanova, Bader Chaarani, Catherine Orr, Nicholas Allgaier, Robert Althoff, Hugh Garavan, et al.. Cerebral Cortex, , , 2018.
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