Core team:

Natalie Castellanos-Ryan

University of Montreal

Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center Research Center, Postdoctoral Associate

Most recent papers:

Modulation of orbitofrontal-striatal reward activity by dopaminergic functional polymorphisms contributes to a predisposition to alcohol misuse in early adolescence.

Travis Baker, Hugh Garavan, Arun Bokde, Tobias Banaschewski, Frauke Nees, Herta Flor, Anna Cattrell, Gunter Schumann, Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, et al.. Psychological Medicine, , , 2018.
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The structure of psychopathology in adolescence and its common personality and cognitive correlates..

Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, Frederic Briere, Maeve O'Leary-Barrett, Tobias Banaschewski, Hugh Garavan, et al.. Journal of abnormal psychology, 1039, 125, 2016.
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