Core team:

Nancy Hayden

University of Vermont

Most recent papers:

Transferable Skills Development in Engineering Students: Analysis of Service-Learning Impact.

Donna Rizzo, Mandar Dewoolkar, Nancy Hayden. Philosophy and Engineering: Reflections on Practice, Principles and Process, , , 2013.
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Characterization of Porous Media in Agent Transport Simulation: Examining Building Materials Using X-Ray Computed Tomograhy.

Liangbo Hu, Cabot Savidge, Donna Rizzo, Nancy Hayden, Mandar Dewoolkar, et al.. Preprint, 2013.
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Analysis of Student Service-Learning Reflections for the Assessment of Transferable-Skills Development.

Donna Rizzo, Mandar Dewoolkar, Nancy Hayden, A. R. Pearce. Preprint, 2010.
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Using modified self-organizing maps to explore hydrochemical and biological datasets.

A. R. Pearce, Paula Mouser, Lori Stevens, Mary Watzin, Gregory Druschel, Nancy Hayden, Donna Rizzo. Preprint, 2010.
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