Core team:

Mary Watzin

North Carolina State University

College of Natural Resources, Dean

Most recent papers:

Unraveling Associations between Cyanobacteria Blooms and In-Lake Environmental Conditions in Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain, USA, Using a Modified Self-Organizing Map.

A. R. Pearce, Donna Rizzo, Mary Watzin, Gregory Druschel. Environmental Science & Technology, , 47, 2013.
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Using modified self-organizing maps to explore hydrochemical and biological datasets.

A. R. Pearce, Paula Mouser, Lori Stevens, Mary Watzin, Gregory Druschel, Nancy Hayden, Donna Rizzo. Preprint, 2010.
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Application of a Modified Self-Organizing Map Incorporating Auto-Correlated Data for Hydrochemical Analyses.

A. R. Pearce, Mary Watzin, Donna Rizzo. Preprint, 2008.
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Spatial distribution and geomorphic condition of fish habitat in streams: An analysis using hydraulic modelling and geostatistics.

Jessica Clark, Donna Rizzo, Mary Watzin, W. C. Hession. River Research and Applications, 885-899, 24, 2008.
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