Core team:

Maike Holthuijzen

University of Vermont

Complex Systems Center , PhD Candidate in Complex Systems and Data Science

I am a recent transplant to Vermont and am originally from Idaho. I have a bachelor's degree in ecology and 2 master's degrees in ecology and statistics. After working as a field plant ecologist for 12 years, I transitioned to quantifying and analyzing ecological data. Currently, I am working on improving the accuracy of climate projections from regional weather models. My research interests include using spatial statistics, Bayesian spatial statistics and machine learning to answer ecological questions and modeling natural phenomena. Prior to beginning this program, I studied the spatial association of perennial grasses and sagebrush over moisture and grazing gradients, and I compared the accuracy of several machine learning and statistical methods to predict stream temperatures over stream networks. I am an avid runner, cyclist, and cross-fitter and am usually at the gym or on the trails when I am not working. Advisor: Brian Beckage

Most recent papers:

Grazing Effects on Precipitation-Driven Associations between Sagebrush and Perennial Grasses.

Maike Holthuijzen, Kari Veblen. Western North America Naturalist, 313-325, 76, 2016.
[pdf] [journal page]

Grass-Shrub Associations over a Precipitation Gradient and Their Implications for Restoration in the Great Basin, USA.

Maike Holthuijzen, Kari Veblen. PloS one, , , 2015.
[pdf] [journal page]