Core team:

Lee Jollans

Trinity College

Institute of Neuroscience, PhD Student

Most recent papers:

Neural circuitry underlying sustained attention in healthy adolescents and in ADHD symptomatology.

Laura O'Halloran, Zhipeng Cao, Kathy Ruddy, Lee Jollans, Matthew Albaugh, Hugh Garavan, et al.. NeuroImage, , , 2017.
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The potential of neuroimaging for identifying predictors of adolescent alcohol use initiation and misuse.

Laura O'Halloran, Charlotte Nymberg, Lee Jollans, Hugh Garavan, Robert Whelan. Addiction, 719-726, 112, 2017.
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[HTML] from Find it @ UVM Ventral striatum connectivity during reward anticipation in adolescent smokers.

Lee Jollans, Zhipeng Cao, Ilknur Icke, Ciara Greene, et al., Hugh Garavan. Developmental neuropsychology, 6-21, 41, 2016.
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