Core team:

John Hanley

University of Vermont

Adjunct Faculty

Most recent papers:

Evolving Probabilistically Significant Epistatic Classification Rules for Heterogeneous Big Datasets.

John Hanley, Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein, Jeffrey S. Buzas, Donna Rizzo. Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2016, 445-452, , 2016.
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Geospatial and Temporal Analysis of Thyroid Cancer Incidence in a Rural Population.

John Hanley, Erin Jackson, Leslie Morrissey, Donna Rizzo, et al.. Thyroid: Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association, , 25, 2015.
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Community genomics of the Chagas Disease vector, Triatoma dimidiata: uncovering genetic variation and gut microbial fauna of a deadly kissing bug.

Lucia Orantes, Lori Stevens, Patricia Dorn, Rachel Fredericksen, John Hanley, Leslie Morrissey, Donna Rizzo, Carlota Monroy. Conference: Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting 2014, , , 2014.