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Jason Veneman

The MITRE Corporation

Most recent papers:

Fragmentation and Inefficiencies in US equity markets: Evidence from the Dow 30..

John H. Ring IV, Brian Tivnan, David Dewhurst, Colin Van Oort, Tyler Gray, Chris Danforth, Matthew Koehler, Matthew T. McMahon, David Slater, Jason Veneman, Brendan F. Tivnan. Preprint, 2019.
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Towards a model of the US stock market: How important is the securities information processor?.

Brian Tivnan, Matthew Koehler, David Slater, Jason Veneman. Simulation Conference (WSC), 2017 Winter, 1181-1192, , 2017.
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Reducing cascading failure risk by increasing infrastructure network interdependence.

Mert Bakirci, Jason Veneman, Brian Tivnan, Jim Bagrow, Paul Hines. Scientific Reports, 44499, 7, 2017.
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Smart Grid: Reliability, Security, and Reslieincy.

Paul Hines, Jason Veneman, Brian Tivnan. Preprint, 2014.