Core team:

Herta Flor

Heidelberg University

Department of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience , Professor

Most recent papers:

Modulation of orbitofrontal-striatal reward activity by dopaminergic functional polymorphisms contributes to a predisposition to alcohol misuse in early adolescence.

Travis Baker, Hugh Garavan, Arun Bokde, Tobias Banaschewski, Frauke Nees, Herta Flor, Anna Cattrell, Gunter Schumann, Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, et al.. Psychological Medicine, , , 2018.
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Interaction between striatal volume and DAT1 polymorphism predicts working memory development during adolescence.

Federico Nemmi, Charlotte Nymberg, Fahimeh Darki, Tobias Banaschewski, Arun Bokde, Herta Flor, Hugh Garavan, et al.. Developmental cognitive neuroscience, 191-199, 30, 2018.
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Extending the Construct Network of Trait Disinhibition to the Neuroimaging Domain: Validation of a Bridging Scale for Use in the European IMAGEN Project.

Sarah Brislin, Christopher Patrick, Herta Flor, Frauke Nees, Angela Heinrich, Hugh Garavan, et al.. Assessment, , , 2018.
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Personality, attentional biases towards emotional faces and symptoms of mental disorders in an adolescent sample.

Maeve O'Leary-Barrett, Robert Pihl, Eric Artiges, Tobias Banaschewski, Arun Bokde, Christian B├╝chel, Herta Flor, Vincent Frouin, Hugh Garavan, et al.. PloS one, , 10, 2015.
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