Core team:

Fumiya Iida

University of Vermont

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Professor


Most recent papers:

AI in the 21st Century – With Historical Reflections.

Max Lungarella, Fumiya Iida, Joshua Bongard, Rolf Pfeifer. 50 Years of Artificial Intelligence, 1-8, , 2007.
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New Robotics: Design Principles for Intelligent Systems.

Rolf Pfeifer, Fumiya Iida, Joshua Bongard. Artificial Life, 99-120, 11, 2005.
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Iterative Product Engineering: Evolutionary Robot Design.

Dominic. R. Frutiger, Joshua Bongard, Fumiya Iida. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Climbing and Walking Robots, 619-629, , 2002.
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