Core team:

Fanny Gollier-Briant

University Paris-Sud

Research Unit NeuroImaging and Psychiatry,

Most recent papers:

Neural correlates of three types of negative life events during angry face processing in adolescents.

Fanny Gollier-Briant, Marie-Laure Paillère-Martinot, Hervé Lemaitre, Ruben Miranda, Hugh Garavan, et al.. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, 1961-1969, 11, 2016.
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The brain’s response to reward anticipation and depression in adolescence: Dimensionality, specificity, and longitudinal predictions in a community-based sample.

Argyris Stringaris, Pablo Vidal-Ribas, Eric Artiges, Hervé Lemaitre, Fanny Gollier-Briant, Hugh Garavan, et al.. American Journal of Psychiatry, 1215-1223, 172, 2015.
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