Core team:

Colin Van Oort

University of Vermont

Complex Systems Center, PhD Candidate in Complex Systems and Data Science

My research interests include applications of artificial neural networks, quantitative analysis of stock markets, and system modelling. When I'm not working on research or personal projects I like to play soccer and video games. Advisors: Chris Danforth, Peter Dodds, Safwan Wshah

Most recent papers:

Fragmentation and Inefficiencies in US equity markets: Evidence from the Dow 30..

John H. Ring IV, Brian Tivnan, David Dewhurst, Colin Van Oort, Tyler Gray, Chris Danforth, Matthew Koehler, Matthew T. McMahon, David Slater, Jason Veneman, Brendan F. Tivnan. Preprint, 2019.
[pdf] [arXiv]

Scaling of inefficiencies in the U.S. equity markets: Evidence from three market indices and more than 2900 securities.

Chris Danforth, Brian Tivnan, Colin Van Oort, David Dewhurst, Tyler Gray, John H. Ring IV. Preprint, 2019.
[pdf] [arXiv]

Most recent press: