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Charles Goodnight

University of Vermont

Department of Biology, Professor

He studies genetic differentiation and evolution in structured populations. His research combines theoretical and experimental approaches to study the effects of selection among individuals, populations and communities. One of his major areas of interest is how certain types of genetic variation, such as epistatic interactions among loci, can contribute to a response to selection in a subdivided population even though they cannot contribute to a response to selection in a large panmictic population.

Most recent papers:

Intense group selection selects for ideal group compositions, but selection within groups maintains them.

Charles Goodnight, Jonathan N. Pruitt, Susan E. Riechert. Animal Behaviour, 15-24, 124, 2017.

On the effectiveness of multilevel selection.

Charles Goodnight. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, , 39, 2016.

Multilevel selection theory and evidence: a critique of Gardner, 2015.

Charles Goodnight. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 1734-1746, 28, 2015.
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Questioning evidence of group selection in spiders.

Jonathan N. Pruitt, Charles Goodnight. Nature, , 524, 2015.
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