Core team:

Randall Harp

University of Vermont

Department of Philosophy, Associate Professor

Harp's main research interests are in the philosophy of action (particularly collective action, free will, and decision theory) and in the philosophy of social science. His research engages with questions of the proper way to characterize individual versus collective goals, and of the proper way for a model of deliberation to incorporate these goals such that we can account for collective action. He is also interested in the explanatory powers of collective entities (including questions of how much reduction can be had of those collective entities, and of the form that the reduction takes). His other research interests include the explanatory adequacy of rational choice models of human agency, and of the nature of explanation in the behavioral sciences.

Most recent papers:

Social Ontology: Collective Intentionality and Group Agents, written by Raimo Tuomela.

Randall Harp. Journal of Moral Philosophy, 608-611, 14, 2017.
[pdf] [online appendices]

Collective Action and Rational Choice Explanations.

Randall Harp. Journal of Philosophical Research, 149-176, 42, 2017.
[pdf] [journal page]

Realism and Antirealism.

Randall Harp, Kareem Khalifa. Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Social Science, , , 2016.
[pdf] [journal page]

Reid on the Autonomy of Ethics: From Active Power to Moral Nonnaturalism.

Terence Cuneo, Randall Harp. Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 523-541, 2, 2016.
[pdf] [journal page]

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