Core team:

Christian Skalka

University of Vermont

College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Department of Computer Science, Chair and Professor of Computer Science

My research interests lie at the intersection of Computer Science theory and practice. I develop innovative formal methods based on programming language type theory, mathematical logic, and computability theory in general. I also build cyber-physical systems based on these technical innovations, and explore applications of these methods to important practical problems, especially related to cybersecurity, health, and the environment.

Most recent papers:

On Risk in Access Control Enforcement.

Christian Skalka, Frank Capobianco, Trent Jaeger, Giuseppe Petracca. SACMAT '17 Abstracts, 31-42, Proceedings of the 22nd ACM on Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies , 2017.

Tracking the Provenance of Access Control Decisions.

Christian Skalka, Trent Jaeger, Frank Capobianco. Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Theory and Practice of Provenance, , , 2017.

Life on the Edge: Unraveling Policies into Configurations.

Christian Skalka, Shrutarshi Basu, Nate Foster, Hossein Hojjat , Paparao Palacharla, Xi Wang. ANCS '17, 178-190, Proceedings of the Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems , 2017.

Tracking Post-trauma Psychopathology Using Mobile Applications: a Usability Study.

Christian Skalka, Matthew Price, Michael O’Keefe, Kalev Freeman, Jennifer Gratton. Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science, 41-48, 2, 2017.

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