The Young Initiative is meant to financially sponsor the organization of a satellite meeting at NetSci2019 proposed by young researchers. The overall aim is to empower young researchers to develop a research vision in the form of a satellite meeting without the need for financial/networking/advertisement support from their supervisors.
The awarded sponsorship will allow young researchers to attract speakers from other communities beyond NetSci thus promoting diversity and cross-fertilization of the fields.
Eligible candidates:  PhD students, young post-docs (PhD + 3 years).


Partial sponsorship assigned to the young organizers of the selected satellite meeting proposal for the invitation of a speaker. The funding covers travel and lodging expenses of one invited speaker up to 1k$.

2 minute interview of the young organizers to be shot after the Satellite Meeting takes place and to be featured on NetSci Society webpage.


(in addition to those of Satellite Meetings’ call)
  • Eligible candidates will propose a Satellite Meeting following the rules of NetSci2019 Satellite Meeting call;
  • Eligible candidates will indicate in the proposal submission that they compete for the NetSci Young Initiative for Satellite Meeting;
  • Eligible submissions will be considered only among the ones selected by the Satellite Meeting call (i.e. satellite meeting proposals that are not accepted by the Satellite Meeting Committee will not be allowed to participate to the Young Initiative competition);
  • Eligible submissions should be proposed by at most 2 eligible candidates with no additional co-organizers;
  • In addition to the criteria indicated in the NetSci2019 Satellite Meeting call, eligible proposals should:
  • Propose a scientific program including the name(s) of invited speakers, 1-paragraph motivation of their invitation and their acceptance pending approval;
  • Include names of PC members, 1-sentence motivation of their invitation and their acceptance pending approval;
  • Have no overlap between Organizers, invited speakers, PC members;
  • Eligible proposals will preferentially increase mixing and cross-contamination of NetSci community with other scientific communities (e.g. through the financially supported invited speaker);
  • Eligible submissions will preferentially propose focused topics (e.g. wide and generic topics as ‘temporal networks’ are not recommended);
  • Selection will be performed by a Young Initiatives Committee (to be appointed) based on the above criteria and the quality of the submission.
  • Participating to the Satellite is binding for receiving the award.