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    Team Trail Systems

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    Team Zebra Crossing

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    Team FinNet Folks

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    Team SHAMPWW

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    Team WOMBAT

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    Super nodes super team

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    Team commitNet

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    Team School of Fish

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    Team Before and After

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    Team Graph Optimization

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    Team CNWWligans

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    Team Reddit BANdits


*Team project selection form due Jan 7th by end of day - fill out one form per team


Before you arrive, visit our CNWW Slack to start forming project ideas.

Forming Groups:

-Groups can be any size. They typically break down to about 3-5 people
-You can be in more than one group but be aware of managing your time and try not to spread yourself too thin
-We prefer you to form multi-disciplinary groups and try to work with people in fields other than your own
-This is a unique opportunity to try something new, so have fun!


-There are specific times scheduled to work in your groups, but please feel free to use unscheduled free time to work as well
-We recognize that a week isn’t necessarily enough time to complete all the projects you will begin at the CNWW, and we hope you will begin and continue collaboration with your fellow CNWW participants and CNWW faculty before and after the dates of the program.

Faculty Mentors:

-During the program, faculty will be available during the project work times to assist groups with their projects. Make sure to utilize their expertise and ask lots of questions. Feel free to involve them in projects too if you would like.


After info session: start posting project pitches

January 7th: deadline to choose project
-Everyone will need to choose a project team by the end of the day

January 8th: team briefs
-each group will report a very short 1-2 minute informal summary of your project idea to the entire group

January 16th: final presentations by all teams
-each team will have 10-15 minutes to present their work and we will have about 5 additional minutes for questions (note this time may change depending on how many projects we end up having).
-We will post a sign up sheet for presentations in the slack shortly.

March 1st: final abstracts due.
-A one-page write-up (one per group) about your project and a short video describing your project idea
-We will release CNWW letters of completion upon receipt of write-ups and videos
-We will post all CNWW write-ups and videos on our website. If you are in the process of publication please still send Juniper your write-up/video and she will not post the write-up to the website, and will keep it in the private archive until notified of publication.
-If you do publish a paper from a collaboration at the CNWW please let us know and send us a link so we can promote it and share your awesome work! This also helps us keep track of the success of the program.