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    Team Trail Systems

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    Team Zebra Crossing

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    Team FinNet Folks

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    Team SHAMPWW

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    Team WOMBAT

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    Super nodes super team

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    Team commitNet

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    Team School of Fish

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    Team Before and After

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    Team Graph Optimization

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    Team CNWWligans

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    Team Reddit BANdits


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  • Ahmed Eissa
  • Alec Kirkley
  • Alexandre Terrigeol
  • Anshuman Swain
  • Béatrice Désy
  • Blake Williams
  • Brendan Case
  • Brennan Klein
  • Célestin Coquidé
  • Chris Brimacombe
  • Dakota Murray
  • Deepa Pureswaran
  • Diana Elisa Garcia Cortes
  • Francis Normand
  • Jane Adams
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  • Jerome Guay
  • Josh Minot
  • Kate Wootton
  • Louisa Di Felice
  • Mari Kawakatsu
  • Nicole Eikmeier
  • Osnat Mokryn
  • Pantelis Loupos
  • Philip Chodrow
  • Randall Harp
  • Ritwika VPS
  • Rodrigo A. Migueles Ramírez
  • Samuel F Rosenblatt
  • Sara Williams
  • Sarah West
  • Shihui FENG
  • Valerie Valerio
  • Vincent Thibeault
  • Weston D. Viles

Mixing Patterns in Interdisciplinary Collaboration Networks: Assessing Interdisciplinarity Through Multiple Lenses - Shihui Feng and Alec Kirkley

Network analysis of collective motion - Vincent Thibeault, Brennan Klein, and Antoine Allard

Reef habitat connectivity and disease risk - Brendan Case‚Äč and Sara Williams

Fusion-fission in wolf packs of Yellowstone National Park - Alexandre Terrigeol, Valerie Valerio, Sarah West, Blake Williams

*A subset of CNWW 2019 team project abstracts are not listed here because they are in preparation for publication. Abstracts and proceeding papers will be listed here after publication .


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  • Achim Randelhoff, Takuvik, ULaval
  • Adrian Ortiz Cervantes, University of Auckland
  • Albert Tessier-Poirier, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Alexander Haak, Improbable
  • Ana M. Martín González, Copenhagen University
  • Ashlee Pigford, McGill University
  • Ben Emery, University of Vermont
  • Brennan Klein, Northeastern University
  • Charles Burdet, CR CHUQ - Université Laval
  • Charles Murphy, Université Laval
  • Claudia Manca, Université Laval
  • Dina Mistry, Northeastern University
  • David Sutherland Blair, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Eline van den Broek-Altenburg, University of Vermont
  • Elizabeth Tripp, Dartmouth College
  • Emily Studd, McGill University
  • Fabrizio Damicelli, UKE - Hamburg University
  • Gudibanda Kashyap, IISER Pune
  • Guillaume St-Onge, Université Laval
  • Jessica Davis, Northeastern University
  • José R. Nicolás, National Autonomous University of Mexico
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  • Justin Taylor, Improbable
  • Kelly Gothard, University of Vermont
  • Mahta Ramezanian, University of Waterloo
  • Marco Mina, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Melody K Schiaffino, San Diego State University
  • Michel Lavoie, Université Laval
  • Niall Keleher, U.C. Berkeley
  • Nick Stjern, University of Washington
  • Niokhor Dione, Université Laval
  • Ollin Demian Langle Chimal, University of Vermont
  • Oscar Granados, UJTL | PUJ
  • Reuben Escorpizo, University of Vermont
  • Ryan J. Gallagher, NSI, Northeastern University
  • Saint-Béat Blanche, Takuvik International Joint Laboratory
  • Samuel F. Rosenblatt, University of Vermont
  • Sarah Shugars Northeastern University
  • Sonya Ahamed, University of Vermont
  • Sophie Dufour-Beauséjour, Université INRS / CEN

Embedding the growth of complex networks by extracting temporal patterns
How collaborative projects develop: A network-based approach to evaluating team formation
Effect of misinformation on diseases contagion
Power to Corrupt
Characteristics of animal social networks
Underlying Motivations of Substance Abuse: A Study of Moral Values and Co-Occurring Addictive Behavior in Online Social Networks