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This page provides general information for participants, speakers, and organizers to help you make your participation to ALife 2020 a smooth and exciting experience. More information coming soon.

Dates - July 13-18, 2020
Location - Virtual
Organizers - Vermont Complex Systems Center, University of Vermont
Hashtag - #ALIFE2020

    Format for online conference: The ALife 2020 Conference will be a fully virtual experience this year. We see this as an opportunity to explore and experiment with virtual environments and really test the boundaries of an online conference. We are excited for the challenge and we hope that you and the rest of the community will join us in this virtual exploration. We are working very hard to make sure we replicate as best as possible the social experience and networking of a face-to-face conference, we are organizing MANY virtual social activities and networking events for you to participate in. We are really trying to be experimental with this portion of the conference so some of the social activities may be a little weird but also super fun! : ) 

    Making all this run smoothly will require us to use several different virtual tools and we thank you all for your support and kindness as we venture into the virtual conference experience. We hope to integrate all of these tools as seamlessly as we can and will be sure there is plenty of instructional information and training on how to use them prior to the conference. We will be asking your feedback via a post program survey on this experience so please let us know what works and what doesn’t, we want to be able to share this information with the scientific community so that future virtual conferences can benefit from our experience.