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Certificate of Graduate Study in Complex Systems

In a nutshell:

The Graduate Certificate is a five (5) course booster pack in Complex Systems for students enrolled in the Graduate College. Certificate Achievers will receive a free Curious Platypus t-shirt.

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Who it's for:

The graduate certificate can be earned by students as a complement for their graduate degrees across the University of Vermont, or as a stand-alone post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate.

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Six Steps to Certificate Goodness:

1 of 6: Prerequisites

A Bachelor’s degree and demonstrated proficiency in:

Calculus, probability & statistics, computer programming (Python, R, and Matlab will be most helpful)

Highly recommended but not required:

Linear Algebra

Note: Specific electives may have additional prerequisites.

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Prof. Peter Dodds is the Certificate's Program Graduate Coordinator. Our team at the Complex Systems Center will, along with each student's faculty advisor, help the candidate seeker's navigate their path. If you're interested in the program or need advice, please contact Melissa Rubinchuck.

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2 of 6: Requirements for Snaffling the Certificate


The Certificate Requirement is 5 courses (15 credits), with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all 5 courses. Students must already be enrolled in the graduate college. Students will see the Certificate appear on their transcript and will receive a paper version as well. And a t-shirt.

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Students must complete 5 courses chosen from the lists below:

3 required core courses; 1 to 2 A-list courses; 0 to 2 B-list courses.


Students must complete:
2 required core courses;
1 to 3 A-list courses;
0 to 2 B-list courses.

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  • Courses

    Required Core Courses (3):

    • CSYS/MATH 300: Principles of Complex Systems
    • CSYS/CS 302: Modeling Complex Systems
    • STAT/CS 287: QR: Data Science I

    A-List Courses (select 1 to 2):

    • CSYS/MATH 266: Chaos, Fractals, and Dynamical Systems
    • CSYS/MATH 303: Complex Networks
    • CSYS/BIOL/CS 352: Evolutionary Computation
    • CSYS/CS 256: Neural Computation
    • CSYS/STAT 253: Appl Time Series & Forecasting
    • CSYS/STAT/CE 369: Applied Geostatistics
    • CSYS/CE 359: Applied Artificial Neural Networks

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    B-List Courses (select 0 to 2):

    • STAT 387: Data Science II
    • CSYS/MATH 268: Mathematical Biology & Ecology
    • MATH 330: Adv. Ordinary Differential Equations
    • CSYS/CE 295: Reliability of Engineering Systems
    • CSYS/ME 295: Systems and Synthetic Biology
    • CSYS/ME 312: Advanced Bioengineering Systems
    • EE 217: Smart Grid
    • CSYS/ME 350: Multi-Scale Modeling
    • CSYS/EE 395: Optimization in Engineering
    • PA 308: Decision Making Models
    • PA 317: Systems Analysis and Strategic Management
    • PA 306: Policy Systems
    • BIOL 271: Evolution
    • CSYS/PBIO 295: Ecological & Environmental Modeling
    • CS 206: Evolutionary Robotics
    • ENVS 295: Envir. Modeling and Systems Thinking
    • NR 385: Energy System Transitions
    • PHYS 323: Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena

    Other courses may be approved by the Complex System and Data Science Curriculum Committee.

Warning!: (1) No Certificate of Graduate Study will be awarded retrospectively. (2) No more than 3 courses completed prior to acceptance into a Certificate program can count towards that Certificate. Upshot: Sign up early.

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3 of 6: Choose the Big Button that's right for you

  • I'm a prospective or current UVM Graduate Student.

    If you're not a current graduate student at UVM, please become one! Small detour: Apply online through UVM's Graduate College, gain acceptance, and come back here.

    Current UVM graduate students must submit an online Application.

    After review of the application by appropriate faculty, the Graduate College will infom the student and their degree-granting program whether or not they have been accepted for the certificate.

  • I just want the Certificate. And the t-shirt.

    Applicants seeking to enroll only in a Certificate of Graduate Study program who are not currently enrolled in a UVM graduate program, and who are not seeking to enroll in a masters or doctoral UVM graduate program, should follow regular online procedures for applying to the UVM Graduate College.

    Transcripts of prior academic work (including evidence of undergraduate degree completion), description of relevant professional experience, three recommendations, a resume, and any other information required by the program, should be submitted as part of this application.

    The standard UVM application fee will be charged for each application to a stand-alone Certificate of Graduate Study.

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Three Last Crucial Pieces for the Snaffling:

4 of 6: Start

Students must file a Proposed Study Plan, before the end of their first semester enrolled in the certificate.

5 of 6: Middle

This is the big bit:
Take on the five courses and do well.

6 of 6: End

Before the last day of classes during the semester of completion, students must file a Completion Form.

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