The Paper Shredder

A Reading (with Optional Rending) of Journal Papers Group

Every two (or three or four) weeks, and in the grand tradition of courageous academics everywhere, we review the painstaking, meticulous work of others not present to defend themselves. Pure of motivation, we endeavor to instantly and yet casually see where the paper obviously goes wrong and how work we did 15 years ago contains the entire paper’s thesis as a footnote on page 17. Finally, based on a loudness of ritualistic chant measure, we decide whether the paper lives to be read again, or dies by shredding, cited nevermore.

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The Paper Shredder convenes biweekly on Wednesdays, 1:10–2:00 pm, in the Decision Theater on the first floor of Farrell Hall on Trinity Campus, which, honestly, is not that far to walk really.

Spring 2018

  • April 2, Barberai et al.: "Tweeting From Left to Right: Is Online Political Communication More Than an Echo Chamber?"
    [info email]
  • March 19, Vosoughi et al.: "The spread of true and false news online”"
    Commentary by Lazer et al.: "The science of fake news"
    And, maybe, the scale-free wars.
    [info email]
  • February 19, Yang et al.: "Small vulnerable sets determine large network cascades in power grids"
    Commentary by D'Souza: Curtailing cascading failures
    [info email]
  • February 5, Peter Turchin with lashings of et al.:
    "Quantitative historical analysis uncovers a single dimension of complexity that structures global variation in human social organization"
    [info email]
  • January 22, Scheffer, Bavel, van de Leemputa, and van Nesav:
    Inequality in nature and society
    [info email]

For the year of 2017, the Paper Shredder was on sabbatical. Sharpening knives thoughts.

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