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Emily Cody

University of Vermont

UVM Department of Mathematics and Statistics, PhD Candidate

Most recent papers:

Emily Cody, Andy Reagan, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Chris Danforth. Public opinion polling with Twitter. Preprint, 2016.
[pdf] [arXiv] [online appendices]
Emily Cody, Jim Bagrow, Chris Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Jennie Stephens. Transitions in climate and energy discourse between Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. 2016.
[pdf] [arXiv]
Emily Cody, Andy Reagan, Lewis Mitchell, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Chris Danforth. Climate change sentiment on Twitter: An unsolicited public opinion poll. PLoS ONE, e0136092, 10, 2015.
[pdf] [journal page] [arXiv]

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