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Chris Danforth

University of Vermont

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Flint Professor of Mathematical, Natural, and Technical Sciences

Chris is an applied mathematician interested in modeling a variety of physical, biological, and social phenomenon. He has applied principles of chaos theory to improve weather forecasts as a member of the Mathematics and Climate Research Network, and developed a real-time remote sensor of global happiness using messages from Twitter: the Hedonometer. Danforth co-runs the Computational Story Lab with Peter Dodds.

Most recent papers:

English Verb Regularization in Books and Tweets.

Chris Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Andy Reagan, Tyler Gray. Preprint, 2018.
[pdf] [online appendices]

Exposure to urban parks improves affect and reduces negativity on Twitter.

Aaron Schwartz, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, Chris Danforth, Taylor Ricketts. Preprint, 2018.
[pdf] [arXiv]

Continuum rich-get-richer processes: Mean field analysis with an application to firm size.

David Rushing Dewhurst, Chris Danforth, Peter Sheridan Dodds. Physical Review E, , 97, 2018.
[pdf] [journal page] [arXiv]

Average individuals tweet more often during extreme events: An ideal mechanism for social contagion.

Meredith Niles, Benjamin Emery, Andy Reagan, Peter Sheridan Dodds, Chris Danforth. Preprint, 2018.
[pdf] [journal page] [arXiv]

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