Core team:

Brian Tivnan

University of Vermont

MITRE Corporation, Chief Engineer

Tivnan, a UVM Complex Systems Center affiliate, is the Burlington site leader and chief engineer in the Modeling & Simulation Department for the MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that manages federally funded research and development centers, partnering with government sponsors to support their crucial operational missions. His current research interests include the study of conflict and quantitative finance.

Most recent papers:

An agent-based model for financial vulnerability.

Richard Bookstaber, Mark Paddrik, Brian Tivnan. Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination, 433-466, 13, 2018.
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Towards a model of the US stock market: How important is the securities information processor?.

Brian Tivnan, Matthew Koehler, David Slater, Jason Veneman. Simulation Conference (WSC), 2017 Winter, 1181-1192, , 2017.
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Sentiment analysis methods for understanding large-scale texts: A case for using continuum-scored words and word shift graphs.

Andy Reagan, Chris Danforth, Brian Tivnan, Jake Williams, Peter Sheridan Dodds. EPJ Data Science, 28, 6, 2017.
[pdf] [arXiv]

Reducing cascading failure risk by increasing infrastructure network interdependence.

Mert Bakirci, Jason Veneman, Brian Tivnan, Jim Bagrow, Paul Hines. Scientific Reports, 44499, 7, 2017.
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