Core team:

Bill Gibson

University of Vermont

Department of Economics, Professor

Dr. Gibson's main interest, in both his teaching and research, is building and simulating macroeconomic models for developing countries. As a second area of interest is NASA, space policy and the aerospace industry. This is an outgrowth of one of the principals themes running throughout his teaching and his research, the proper relationship between the private and public sectors.

Most recent papers:

Bill Gibson, Mark Setterfield. Real and financial crises in the Keynes-Kalecki structuralist model: An agent-based approach. Metroeconomica, , , 2018.
Bill Gibson, Diane Flaherty. Modeling functional and juridical informality: a guide for policy. Preprint, 2017.
Aida Armenta, Diane Flaherty, Bill Gibson, Jorge Salazar-Carrillo . La reforma energ´etica mexicana y sus efectos regionales: un modelo computable para Tabasco. Preprint, 2017.
Bill Gibson, Diane Flaherty. Juridical and functional informality: from theory to practical policy. Preprint, 2016.
Nilanjan Lodh, Bill Gibson, B.L. Kerans, Lori Stevens. If you’ve seen one worm, have you seen them all? Spatial, community, and genetic variability of tubificid communities in Montana. Freshwater science, , , 2015.
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Bill Gibson, Mark Setterfield. Intermediation, Money Creation, and Keynesian Macrodynamics in Multi-Agent Systems. SSRN Electronic Journal, , , 2015.