Core team:

Peter Spector

University of Vermont

Professor of Medicine, Professor of Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology , Professor

He is a practicing clinician treating abnormal heart rhythms by placing wires inside the heart. His research focuses on the chaotic abnormal heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation. He studies fibrillation in a computational model, as well as in swine and humans. Dr. Spector and his team have designed a new type of electrode array and mapping system that allows doctors to determine how to treat patients on a case by case basis. He is the founder and President of VisibleEP (computer modeling software for electrophysiologic research and education) and CoreMap (a clinical cardiac mapping company). The research in our laboratory has ranged from molecular biology and voltage clamping studies of single ion channels all the way to whole heart studies and computational modeling. The consistent theme is the over arching question itself; "how can we better understand atrial fibrillation and use that understanding to better treat it?"