Symposium on the Science of Stories

  • Agenda
    Monday 15 October
    Peter Dodds - The Science of Stories
    Participant Introductions
    Chris Danforth - The science of stories and sentiment analysis
    Mohit Iyyer - Applications of deep learning to narrative understanding
    Mirta Galesic - Communicating Complex Data to the Public
    Welcome Reception upstairs balcony - Echo Center Aquarium
  • Logistics

    Symposium Location:
    ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
    1 College St
    Vermont 05401

    Symposium Organizer

    Juniper Lovato
    Director of Outreach for Complex Systems
    UVM Complex Systems Center


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  • Faculty Bios

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      Information flow on networks

      Jim Bagrow - University of Vermont Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Assistant Professor
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      Data visualizations using sound

      Jenny Bower - Keyboardist + Data Scientist

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      Narrative and Emotion: Insights from the Telephone Game

      Fritz Breithaupt
      - Provost Professor, Germanic Studies & Cognitive Science, Indiana University, Bloomington
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      The science of stories and sentiment analysis

      Chris Danforth -
      University of Vermont, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Flint Professor of Mathematical, Natural, and Technical Sciences.
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      Introduction to the Science of Stories

      Peter Dodds - Director, Vermont Complex Systems Center
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      Forces that change culturally-transmitted data sets over time and how culture emerges from interacting individuals and is continually reshaped by them.

      Vanessa Ferdinand
      - Omidyar Postdoctoral Fellow, Santa Fe Institute
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      Communicating Complex Data to the Public

      Mirta Galesic -
      Cowan Chair in Human Social Dynamics at the Santa Fe Institute and Associate Researcher at the Harding Center for Risk Literacy at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany
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      Applications of deep learning to narrative understanding.

      Mohit Iyyer -
      UMass Amherst, Assistant professor; AI2, Young Investigator at AI2
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      Empathy and Social Connection in Story

      Sylvia Morelli
      - Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Director of the Empathy and Social Connection Lab.
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      Folklore and Cultural Analytics

      Timothy Tangherlini
      - Professor, The Scandinavian Section and Dept. of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA
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    Additions to speaker list coming soon!

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    Symposium Organizer

    Juniper Lovato
    Director of Outreach for Complex Systems
    UVM Complex Systems Center

  • Participants
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    • Amir Barghi, Professor Mathematics and Statistics, Saint Miichael's College
    • Benjamin Wiggins, University of Vermont
    • Clyde Dunton-Gallagher, Dept of Art & Philosophy, Miami Dade College
    • Dan DeSanto, University of Vermont
    • Donna Rizzo, Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, UVM
    • Greta Pangborn, Professor Computer Science, Saint Miichael's College
    • Guillermo Rodriguez, Linguistics, University of Vermont
    • Jim Hefferon, Professor Mathematics and Statistics, Saint Miichael's College
    • Kelly Gothard, University of Vermont Undergraduate Data Science Student
    • Ryan Best, Capital One Data Science
    • Selene Colburn, Associate Library Professor, University of Vermont
    • Stephanie Albaugh, University of Vermont Extension
  • Further Reading
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    • Monarch & the Milkweed - Cocktails, Brunch and Bakery - M-SU 8AM-11PM. $$
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