Symposium on the Science of Stories

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What: Symposium on the Science of Stories
Where: Burlington Vermont USA
When: Oct. 15-17, 2018
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We are excited to announce our inaugural symposium on the Science of Stories. During this intensive three-day professional education course, we will explore the nature of narratives, how to extract them from data, how they move through time and space, and how to preserve them through communication. We will also explore how to communicate data-rich narratives to the public and how to tell a story using data visualizations. In this course, we will introduce participants to methods, tools, and theory at the forefront of complex systems science, cognitive science, sentiment analysis, network theory, information theory, digital humanities, literature, data visualization, and data analytics.

Our professional education programs bring together a diverse network of business professionals, academics, innovators, investors, government and health practitioners, regulators, and thought leaders. Our programs challenge participants to think about global issues from a new perspective, to expand their network beyond their field, and seek solutions to real world data-rich problems. No background in science or mathematics is required.

In this course we will explore the following topics:

  • The Science of Stories
  • Sentiment Analysis and social media data
  • An introduction to topic models
  • Cognitive models of information theory
  • Information theory, a look into what elements in a story stick
  • Information flow on networks
  • Recognizing patterns in a digitized corpus
  • Detecting deceptive information in data
  • How to effectively communicate data-rich narratives to the public
  • Data visualization of stories and topic models
  • Folklore and story building

Symposium Faculty

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Jim Bagrow
Information flow on networks

University of Vermont
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Assistant Professor

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Chris Danforth
The science of stories and sentiment analysis

University of Vermont, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Flint Professor of Mathematical, Natural, and Technical Sciences.

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Peter Dodds
The Science of Stories

Director, Vermont Complex Systems Center

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Mirta Galesic
Communicating Complex Data to the Public

Cowan Chair in Human Social Dynamics at the Santa Fe Institute and Associate Researcher at the Harding Center for Risk Literacy at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany
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Additions to speaker list coming soon!

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