Symposium on Complexity in Human Health and Wellness Behavior

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What: Symposium on Health & Wellness Behavior
Where: Burlington, VT USA
When: September 5-7, 2018
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We are excited to announce our inaugural symposium on complexity in human health and wellness behavior. During this intensive three-day professional education course, we will explore boundary-breaking science that is being used to tackle issues related to human behavioral health. Faculty for this course come from data analytics, medicine and behavioral health, complexity science, computer science, psychology, neuroscience, economics, biology, and biomedical engineering. During this program, you will be introduced to methods, tools, and theory currently being used to understand human wellness from a multi-scaled perspective.

Our professional education programs attract a diverse network of business professionals, academics, innovators, investors, government and health practitioners, regulators, and thought leaders. Our programs challenge participants to think about global issues from a new perspective, to expand their network outside their normal fields, and seek solutions to real world data-rich problems informed by cutting-edge scientific research. No background in science or mathematics is required.

In this course we will explore the following topics:

  • Health and wellness from a complex systems perspective
  • Measuring the economic impacts of poverty and disease cycles
  • Agent Based Modeling in social, behavioral, and health systems
  • Behavioral economic principles that motivate health-related behavior change
  • Understanding the network structure of infectious disease spread & the unexpected impacts of behavior on the spread of pandemics
  • New technology and methods used in digital health - a look into digital devices, incentives, gamification, & their impacts on human health and performance
  • Data analytics & sentiment analysis techniques used to understand qualitative data related to health
  • Social media analytics in health and wellness prediction and intervention

Symposium Faculty

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Allison Kurti
Integrating behavioral and digital technology to promote health behavior

University of Vermont, Vermont Center on Behavior and Health and Department of Psychiatry

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Chris Danforth
Social media data analytics and suicide prediction and prevention

University of Vermont, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Flint Professor of Mathematical, Natural, and Technical Sciences

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Dario Robleto
History of the Human Heartbeat


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Diann E Gaalema

Behavioral economic principles that motivate health-related behavior change

University of Vermont, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

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Laurent Hébert-Dufresne
Network Theory and the Unexpected Consequences of Behavior

Assistant Professor, University of Vermont Department of Computer Science; Member, The Vermont Complex Systems Center

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Peter Dodds
Happiness and the Hedonometer

Director, Vermont Complex Systems Center

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Ross A. Hammond
Obesity from a complex systems perspective

Director - Center on Social Dynamics and Policy; Senior Fellow - Economic Studies

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Ryan McGinnis
Wearable and mobile technologies for improving human health and performance

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, University of Vermont

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Additions to speaker list coming soon!

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