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Fall 2018

November 28, 2018 7pm
Generator Makerspace

Guest Speakers: Randall Harp & Julia Vallera

More Data More Problems: On tracking, consent, and control of personally identifying information.

Julia Vallera is a data privacy advocate and former Outreach Manager for Mozilla Randall Harp is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at UVM whose research focuses on the philosophy of collective action and decision theory.

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Winter 2018

December 15th - December 21st
Québec City, Québec

The Complex Networks Winter Workshop (CNWW) is a week-long international school that offers an extraordinary opportunity for participants to engage in rigorous transdisciplinary complexity science research alongside some of the top researchers in the field of networks.

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Spring 2019

NetSci 2019 is the flagship conference of the Network Science Society, which aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners working in the emerging research area of network science. The NetSci conference fosters multi-disciplinary communication and collaboration in network science research across computer and information sciences, physics, mathematics, statistics, the life sciences, neuroscience, environmental sciences, social sciences, finance and business, arts and design.

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Past Events

October 24, 2018 7pm
Generator Makerspace

Guest Speaker: Paul Budnitz

Making art and making money: Navigating the train wreck between creativity and commerce. Q&A follows with puppet.

Paul Budnitz is an entrepreneur and the founder of Kid Robot; ELLO; Budnitz Bikes.

October 15th - October 17th
ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

During this intensive three-day short course, we will explore the nature of narratives, how to extract them from data, how they move through time and space, and how to preserve them through communication.

September 26, 2018 7pm
Generator Makerspace

Lisa Soros is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Innovation at Champlain College whose research focuses on open-ended and generative artificial evolutionary systems.

Designers have long incorporated technology into their creative processes to help speed up mechanical tasks and make it easier to focus on designing. This talk explores the roles artificial life and evolutionary algorithms can play in the design process and also considers the ways we use technology to understand ourselves and the world around us. Special attention will be given to how we can generate creative AI, how creative AI can complement human creativity, and how we can survive in a world where intelligent tools (such as deep learning systems) could potentially generate creative works with little to no human input.

September 5th - September 7th
ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

During this intensive three-day transdisciplinary professional education short course, we will explore the newest research that is being used to tackle issues related to complexity in human behavioral health.